About us

With a seasoned pastor and progressive staff, as well as a faithful core of committed believers positioned in leadership, we are focTrinity 2used on being the New Testament church God has established us to be. With rock solid foundational doctrines-believing ‘ whosever will may come ‘ – we trust in the authority of scripture, the love of God, the soul competency of man, the supremacy of Christ, and the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. Our goal is life transformation for every member-a salvation and sanctification commitment to nurture lives, be made holy, and glorify God!

We want folks to connect with each other and do life together-coming to Christ as Savior and maturing as believers making a difference in our world for the Kingdom of God. Let’s share the truth and grace of Jesus with each other and all those we can influence. We know the answer to life-His name is Jesus and we want to life high His name, His cross, and His resurrection power! No other Lords!

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Trinity Baptist Church is to continue to be a group of unified, spirit-filled believers in Christ whose purpose is to reach Marianna with the Gospel message and expand its borders to reach around the world. The vision of Trinity Baptist church is to use Sunday School as the system to connect prospects to the membership and move them to discipleship. We will enlist qualified leaders to do the work of ministry empowering the Pastor to dedicate his time to praying, preaching, and teaching insuring Kingdom growth. We implement a missional strategy through prayer and fasting in order to reach the lost locally, nationally, and internationally.


We are a Southern Baptist Church and affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message as our essential doctrinal position. Roland says we are simply ‘ beggars who have found Bread ‘, and as saved people who accepted Jesus as the Bread of Life, we want to share His hope and His love as we go along life’s way. We believe all people are born separated from God due to sin and salvation comes only when a person yields his life to Jesus and trusts in Him that He was punished for our sin.

A Living Organism

We want each person to accept Christ as Savior and receive the free gift of life eternal. We want to experience the fullness of joy, meaning, and hope that God designed for our lives. Loving God and loving others are the greatest commands. In order to get the most out of church, we must become true disciples (learners) and followers of Christ. He is calling us all to salvation, sanctification, service, and accountability. Reading and studying your Bible, praying consistently in faith, worshipping and fellowshipping with other believers, ministering, giving, being involved in missions and evangelism, and defending our faith are all elements of a maturing believer. We are living stones, His workmanship, building our lives unto Him. The Church Body is alive and moving out as ordained of God to prevail in His plan to redeem and restore-to reconcile a lost world to Himself. Let’s trust and obey Him, responding to His atoning sacrifice and being made alive.